To get underway and for an estimate for each design stage there are a few things we require.

A Room Plan
We will need a plan of the room, maybe from an architect, surveyor, interior designer or make your own.
Roughly sketch out the room, measure and dimension the walls. When measuring the doors and windows include any architrave. Show architectural features, fixed appliances, floor to ceiling size and indicate where the doors lead to.

The Brief
At this stage keep this as simple as possible. We suggest type and number of basic appliances, ovens, hob, fridge and freezer, dishwasher and sink. Then any special requirements other than obvious kitchen accessories normally included, any existing furniture and your preferred dining arrangements.

Alternatively, we can arrange a home visit for the initial survey and brief. Please ask for a price.


1.Preliminary Concept
Once we have the information, we will work up the 2D plan and elevations, including a specification for furniture materials and design, work surfaces, appliances, sinks, taps, handles and accessories. The drawings are clearly set out, as accurate as possible and include some important dimensions and notes.


2.Design Detailing
Naturally, from the concept alternative views will be formed. This is the time to discuss them, agree the layout and consider the finer design details, materials, colours and appliances. If possible we like to visit the house and survey the room. We can now bring together the new ideas and survey. A realistic, often final layout and design is drawn up. Detailing includes accessories, all elevations, relevant dimensions, full specification and mechanical and electrical (M & E) services.


3.Finishing Touches
We take a final opportunity to carefully run through the proposal with the client, survey the room and make any necessary changes before handing over the drawings or moving on to production planning. Colour 2D and 3D visuals are available, price on request.


4.Production & Installation Planning
The objective here is to produce drawings for the kitchen maker and installer. Typically these include precise details, positions, dimensions and notes for the furniture, fittings, worktops and appliances. Drawings are tailored to suit each makers requirements. Paper copies can be printed off at 1:10 with 1:1 details or we send DWG format cad drawings. Colour 2D and 3D visuals are available, price on request.

CAD Drawings
We prefer not to use kitchen specific CAD. Instead, we use drawing and illustrating software to create designs that are original, entirely flexible, accurate and distinctive.